Where does social media fit into my online marketing plan?

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All dental practices will have asked themselves at one point or another whether social media is worthwhile. AND, even if social media is worthwhile, how do you manage it? How much time do you assign to it each day, each week, each month? What do you talk about? Who do you talk about it to?

It can become overwhelming fast – but it doesn’t have to be.

We have created a series of 3 videos to help dental practices answer the questions above and more importantly, show them how they can do this themselves (in-house).

Video #1 describes how in-house Social Media fits into the bigger picture of Online Dental Marketing. In the video, I talk you through how to identify the audience you need to target and how you can get their attention and speak to them!

Registering for the training series is 100% free – and even more exciting, video #1 is available right now!

Simply click the following button, sit back and enjoy:

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