The ‘don’t panic’ guide to removing content from Google’s search results

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We recently had a situation where a client got in touch with us with quite an urgent problem: A patient of his/hers had been Googling their own name, and found a landing page with their name on it in the form of a testimonial and had threatened legal action unless the offending quote was taken down.

MFW my first email of the day has 'legal action' in it

My face when the first email opened of the day has ‘legal action’ in it

No one likes to be threatened with legal action, and it’s more often than not when a client comes to you like that they’ll be looking for you to spring into action and get a resolution as soon as possible.

Fortunately there’s a way!

One: Remove the offending quote from your website. You don’t have to delete the page completely but the personal information in question has to go straight away.

Two: Contact Google and ask them to update your page’s cache in their system, which sounds much harder than it really is. Just click HERE.

Enter the URL into the ‘Request Removal’ bar, as illustrated below and click Request Removal:


Make sure ‘Yes’ is ticked on the next page and click Next:


Enter the offending keyword which you’ve updated on your site:


Click Request Removal and you’ll see it’s been put into Google’s system as a request for update or removal.

You can check back on that page as time goes on to see if the offending entry has been updated. If you don’t see an immediate resolution don’t panic (See my first image – Don’t be that); Google will eventually update its cache of your page, and you can go back to your client and the scary lawyers having taken appropriate action to get rid of the offending piece.

Disclaimer: Of course, the best way to avoid having to make a face like the poor guy above is to make sure you get explicit permission from customers before using their feedback as marketing materials!

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