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You’re in business to make a profit and you know the value of a good quality lead. When used at full potential, paid media can be an excellent tool to multiply your leads. At Apexhub we specialise in Dental Traffic and Conversion for dental practices and help you to generate leads by synchronising key activities that drive traffic to your website where people buy your products or services. We use then retarget and track the website traffic we generated to boost your online conversions. Paid Media is a way to grow your audience and amplify the brilliant content we help you create. Our experienced Social Media Advertising,Google AdWords, Bing PPC professionals will work with you to get the returns you deserve, with a strategy tailored to your needs.

“Dental Traffic and Conversion strategies form the foundation for all our successful dental client marketing campaigns.”James Hague, Apexhub

Traffic & Conversion Services We Offer

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We will work with you to create a Conversion Funnel ( the path you want your website visitors to takes from point A to Point B in your online marketing campaign) so that you can segment all website visitors into targeted streams by the end of the process to increase your success in getting your prospects to call your practice or buy your treatments. We have up to 13 different funnel strategies that can be implemented depending on your dental marketing needs. This is an essential part of Dental Traffic and conversion – without conversion funnels all the traffic in the world to your dental website will make no difference!
This process targets users who have already visited one of your owned media channels. Websites, blogs, web forms, resources etc. and allows you to tailored and target ads to each users specific behaviour giving you a second chance to get the desired action or “convert” the user.
Display advertising plays a crucial role in the online marketing They take the form of graphical advertising on the internet that appears next to content on web pages often referred to as banners, these can text, logos, pictures, or rich media. We wil help you target and track your adverts so you advertise to the relevant audience and get the maximum return.

Our Approach

We research and explore the best way to reach your target audience and engage with them, planning the concepts and content we’ll use along the way. We help you produce the assests you’ll need to attract and engage with your audiences and deliver your message effectively.
Using the latest ideas and innovations in audience building and targeting, we’ll find the people you need to be in front of and make sure you get there.
We’ll take care of the day to day upkeep of your ad campaigns, testing, changing and striving to bring your ideas to the users who need to hear it most so to maximise your return.

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