Three tips to optimize your Social Media images for better online performance

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Here at Apexhub, we are constantly being asked is the best way to get results from your content. To be honest,this is the point where we would love to reply with “one size fits all” and for that to solve any issues, but its a little more complicated than that.

Optimizing images for the web, starts before you’ve upload it. There are many parameters to consider such as file name, file size, copywriter options, alt text etc.

We’ve designed a handy infographic, explaining the best type of practices for each social media platform.

Please note: Individual dimensions are for a single image post on a single newsfeed. If you’re posting multiple images, these vary from site to site so please check before posting. Templates at bottom of the infographic work across retrospective platforms.


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We hope this has answered any questions regarding image resolutions, if we’ve left anything out let us know below, or if you’ve got any advice we look forward to hearing it.


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