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It’s been all go here at Apexhub since we moved to The Tea Factory on Wood Street, Liverpool, in December 2013, and we have all become very fond of our new home!

L1 landmarks

We immediately fell for the history and architecture the Ropewalks* area of Liverpool city centre has to offer (*Ropewalks is named after the rope that used to be measured from the top of Bold Street to the bottom, because it was the standard length needed for sailing ships back in the day). And it really is interesting to see how the area has adapted and changed to the needs of the people living and working here over the decades.

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At the top of Bold Street, St Luke’s church still beautifully stands after being damaged during the Liverpool 1941 Blitz, now known fondly as the Bombed Out Church. At the bottom of Bold Street is The Lyceum, built in 1802. Originally a gentlemen’s club which also housed Europe’s first Lending Library, in later years it became the city’s head post office.
The Tea Factory sits half way down Wood Street. Tea was once one of Liverpool’s major imports, from the 1840s hundreds of ships brought tea to Liverpool docks. Partly because of this thriving tea trade, Liverpool has the oldest Chinese population in Europe, Many of today’s Chinese community in Liverpool have ancestors who arrived on tea clippers and other ships importing goods.
In 2000 Urban Splash took on this flagship project which kickstarted the regeneration of what is now the heartbeat of Liverpool city centre. With over £100 million of investment over the last decade, the Ropewalks area has been able to attract a range of creative and design led companies, giving the area a truly unique and exciting atmosphere.

This photo below would have been a typical scene inside the Tea Factory when it opened its doors: tea leaves delivered from ships and packaged for consumer use. Nowadays the customised office space features desks with macs, but we’re still ‘packaging’ things in the form of graphics, design and information.


So, if you’re coming to see Apexhub at the Tea Factory anytime soon, our must-sees include, News from Nowhere, Fact, World food store Mattas, Utility for designer furniture and gifts, Shared Earth for the eco-minded and (my favourite art deco building in the city), Leaf for a trendy cuppa.

CityBikes can be hired opposite the bombed out church for £3 a day.

What stories are hidden waiting to be revealed in your work area?

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