5 Things You Should Know About Twitter’s New Layout

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Following on from our recent blog about the changes made to Facebook Pages, here is the low-down on the latest changes in the Twitter profile layout. Here at Apexhub we’ve been test driving the new profiles and have been impressed with the added levels of customisation and revised look and feel that have been incorporated. You might be thinking to yourself “well, this stuff is always changing” but here are five things about the new layout that we feel will enhance your Twitter user experience:

  1. A Third Column — No doubt taking some serious inspiration from Facebook, Twitter will now feature an extra column, which should make the website more flexible for various screen sizes. It will also make tweets easier to navigate and generally makes the overall profile layout look more attractiveNewTwitter2
  2. Your Best Tweets – Tweets that have received the most engagement from your fellow Tweeters will now be displayed in a slightly larger size, so your most popular content will always be easy to recognise. This is a great way for new followers who visit your profile to find out what type of content you tweet and how popular it isNewTwitter3
  3. The Pinned Tweet – Similarly to how you can highlight posts on a Facebook page, you will also be able to ‘pin’ one of your favourite Tweets to the top of your profile. This is another element that allows you to customise your profile even furtherNewTwitter4
  4. Filtered Tweets – This feature will allow you to choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles on Twitter: ‘Tweets’, ‘Tweets with photos/videos’, or ‘Tweets and replies’. This should make it a lot easier to see – or hide – the Tweets you want. Again, this type of customisation makes it possible to be creative and have fun with your profileNewTwitter5
  5. A greater emphasis on images (and videos) – You will first notice this on your own Twitter profile. Your profile picture will be bigger and more prominent, and you will also be prompted to pick a large background header (Twitter scales this automatically, but we recommend it being at least 1500 pixels wide if you want to avoid blur on larger displays). Twitter has even provided some eye-catching samples to help you get inspired: https://www.flickr.com/photos/twitteroffice/sets/72157643560484885/

Images have always been a big part of all the social media platforms and we applaud Twitter for these additional changes, giving users and brands the opportunity to create even more attractive profiles.

So, how exactly do you upgrade to the new look?

The new Twitter is currently being rolled out as we speak – if you log in to your account and see the ‘Get it now’ message at the top of your screen, all you have to do is click to upgrade! Regardless of taking this action, new profiles will be activated for everyone on the 28th May 2014. Or, you can simply visit http://t.co/newprofile!

In summary, it’s clear that Twitter is taking inspiration from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, the core experience of Twitter appears to have remained intact and anything that gets your content more easily noticed certainly gets a thumbs up in our book!

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